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I'm a Room-Upgrader

Like most of us, we probably grew up staying at our parents' home, I was of no exception. Hmm, I have siblings so I was sharing-room, quite a common situation for my era as most people have about 2 or 3 children then.

Also, in my era, we were introduced to the 5Cs, namely Career, Condo, Credit Card, Cash and Clubs... or is this the Singapore Dream? These are easier said than done as a new tertiary graduate in my early 20s.

I bought my first home in the early 2000s with my partner. It was a 3-Room resale HDB with no grants taken (we were thinking of 'saving' up the grants for the future - regrettable action, it's a story for another day! maybe...) The 3i (Improved) HDB flat came with 2 bedrooms, no attached bathrooms, instead you have separate shower room and powder room (a private property term, basically it's a room with a basin) at the kitchen. It also has kitchen (of cos) and living / dining area. Size was 59sqm. We bought it below S$130,000 then.

Young us being home owners before the age of 25, moving out of our parent's shelter. My property adventure began.


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